This is What My Plan Looks Like For You!

A synopsis of my plan for you would be to design a personal training program combining martial arts, karate boxing and kickboxing lessons. The program is designed to have you become more balanced coordinated and much more fit as you progress. I design the program with the option of a nutrition and meal planning guide to compliment your training sessions and even go as far as designing a six day a week training schedule adding a few things you can do throughout the week that will help you in your striking and self defense development. 


Another really cool thing about my program is that the sessions never expire! So if you buy a 30 session program it is not done until we meet 30 times in person. My average client completes a 30 session program within six months. 


Make no mistake about it... this is a life changing program that will stay with you for the rest of your life. I’d like to take the next step if you’re interested and accept payment by Venmo or over the phone with your credit card details and email address. I can then send over an example of a six day a week training schedule along with the first steps to get you started with your nutrition program. The only thing that I’d want to establish is at least one set day a week when we would be able to meet in person for your training sessions (if not two times a week). 


Let me know your thoughts and how it would be best to proceed in guiding you through your fitness and martial arts journey!

Classes Never Expire Once Bought