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Online Fitness Class

Meet Your New Online Coach! 

Joshua Balok here. I wanted to explain your brand new online training program in detail.

I’ve developed a system to ensure that not only your expectations, but ALL your fitness goals are met AND exceeded 


Firstly I have many stretches and body weight exercises that you can do daily, plus we can schedule a nutrition, meal prepping and accountability session once a week. This session is vital to ensure that your macro calories are being met, along with your daily caloric intake. 


Now, let’s talk about the main event, the first two online one-on-one personal training sessions that we can do via Zoom, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger, we’ll work through a series of rehabilitation and dynamic stretching that will hugely strengthen the weaker areas of your body. We’ll work to convert fat to lean muscle tissue whilst  increasing your balance, core strength, posture and coordination.

I’ve enjoyed huge success and have a proven track record working with my clients individually

So much so I’ve secured over 200 five star reviews through different social media platforms over the last 9 years. I’m supremely confident that not only will you be feeling great and moving much easier in your everyday life.. BUT you’ll have also taken on a new way of looking at life, you’ll gain fresh perspective and enjoy newfound confidence AND determination. 


During the tenure of my career it became my life’s mission to destroy fear and help people find and connect to their true passion. I have helped several individuals get off their prescription medication, start the job/career they have always wanted.. even in some cases helped them find true love. 


Everyone goes through trials and tribulations in life and I’ve certainly had my fair share. I’ve battled severe asthma, anxiety and depression issues.  I've reached 8 years of sobriety and now live an addiction free life.  


Developing healthy coping mechanisms has been a key component in my life. They keep me centered and balanced - now I can use these tools to reach every single one of my clients. There is a huge spiritual element in my work which I slowly introduce through the use of self guided mediation, affirmation and prayer practice. Those are just some examples of how I have conquered my own addictions and have subsequently helped others with theirs.


Let me know if you have any preliminary questions at all about my training program. 


I’m excited to work with you and watch you smash your goals with my guidance and expertise.  Have a blessed day!

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